My thoughts on coping with redundancy and moving forward despite uncertainty

In this solo episode I speak about how I have been coping with losing my dream job as a Family Lawyer due to COVID-19 and share my advice for moving forward despite the uncertainty that we are all facing. I hope that through sharing my honest feelings and thoughts, you may feel less alone during this time and realise that whatever you are feeling is perfectly okay.

Dealing with redundancy

Processing the shock

It isn’t your fault

Moving forward

Self reflection and personal growth

Taking things day by day

Preparing for your next job

Be as productive as you can

To the new graduates and newly admitted colleagues

If you have recently graduated from your law degree or have been admitted. While it must be difficult not being able to celebrate those achievements in the usual ways, they are still huge achievements none the less and so you should post online about them and enjoy that success and the congratulations.

I hope that this has been insightful, helpful or at the very least if you are in a similar situation, you feel less alone and might have a couple of ideas moving forward.

Take care and stay safe everyone x

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