Warren Bennett: Starting your own law firm

Warren is the Director and Principal of WKB Lawyers. Warren’s firm specialises in TPD (Total Permanent Disability) claims through Superannuation Funds. Warren started his legal career later in life after working in banking and finance and realising that he had an interest in legislation and the technical side to his role in complaints. Warren moved between Sydney and Brisbane in order to gain the experience he needed in order to feel confident enough to start his own firm and in March 2019, Warren started WKB Lawyers. Warren’s story is one of determination and it’s inspiring to speak with someone who has worked so hard — from completing his law degree in three years while working full-time to opening his own law firm with four years PAE and then working full-time when he ran out of money to keep his firm going as a side-hustle for a few months! If you’re dreaming of having your own firm one day, this is a must read for you.

Warren’s law journey

Starting your own law firm

Being strategic but also working it out as you go

Dreaming of starting your own firm one day?

Invest in marketing and learn sales

Put out content!

When you know that you’re ready

Dealing with imposter syndrome

What Warren wishes he knew in law school

What Warren wishes he knew as an early career lawyer

Warren’s awesome tips

You don’t need heaps of money to start your own firm but it is hard work and you’ll need determination!

If you want to start your own firm one day, focus on building your knowledge of marketing and your sales skills!

Be strategic with your jobs — gain legal experience during law school if you can to work out what area of law you want to specialise in!

Don’t let the Imposter Syndrome take over — just put out the content and don’t worry about what others think (they probably aren’t thinking about you anyway)!

If you want to learn as much as possible when you are an early career lawyer, don’t be afraid to get thrown in the deep end — that’s where you will learn the most!

Warren is happy for you to reach out to him on LinkedIn or Instagram if you have any questions -

Warren’s Instagram: @wkblawyers